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Sports Collectors Digest

In January of 2007, had the great honor of participating in the February 2, 2007, issue of Sports Collectors Digest. The issue focused the 2007 Hall of Fame induction of Cal Ripken, Jr., and Tony Gwynn. It was our great pleasure to take part in an article that focused on Cal's counterfeit minor league cards.

The writer of the article was Doug Koztoski, who has written over 100 hobby related articles, many of which have appeared in Sports Collectors Digest and Tuff Stuff. Some of Doug's previous articles covered the 1963 Topps Baseball, 1955 Topps Football, 1933 Sports Kings and 1960's and 70's baseball coins. Doug has had an article published in virtually every issue of Tuff Stuff in the last year and a half. In 2005, Topps celebrated their 50 straight years of producing professional football cards. As part of that campaign, Topps and Tuff Stuff teamed up to do a special magazine. Doug wrote virtually every half-page set recap (24 1/2 pages) for that special issue. 

When asked about his thoughts on the article, Doug stated the following: "I was happy to get the call/email on the article about the Cal Ripken minor league cards/ since I've been a Ripken fan for years and it was a subject that I thought collectors needed to know more about. Plus, it deals with some more modern cards than what I usually write about--and I like the fact that the assignment came out of the blue." For more information on Sports Collectors Digest, visit

To view pages from the 2-2-07 Sports Collectors Digest, visit our gallery at

Beckett Baseball Card Plus

In January of 2007, had the great honor of participating in the February/March 2007, issue of Beckett Baseball Card Plus The issue featured Cal on the cover with "Class of 2007". It was our great pleasure to take part in an article that focused on Cal's minor league issues. The article was written by Kevin Haake, Associate Editor at Beckett. The article provided background information on Cal's minor league issues from his days in Charlotte and Rochester and gave us the opportunity to rank Cal's top 4 minor league issues! Be sure to take a look at the Gallery at

Tuff Stuff Magazine

In the August 2007 Tuff Stuff Magazine released in mid July, had the great honor of participating in an article written by Doug Koztoski. If the name sounds familiar, it should. Doug is no stranger to the Ripken minor league card market as he also wrote the 2007 article on Ripken minor league counterfeits for the Sports Collectors Digest. The article featured information on spotting Ripken minor league counterfeits while also providing information on how to spot Ripken rookie cards. In addition, the article featured information on Ripken food-related collectibles. The article is a who's who of the hobby world with insight from Bill Haelig, Bill Huggins, Kevin O'Connor and Lee Termanson. To see the article, follow the link at

Wax Heaven Blog

Built by Mario Alejandro in October of 2007, the Wax Heaven blog was created to help promote the baseball card industry. RITM appeared on the December 22, 2007, blog entry in regards to the completion of a 1982 Topps triple signed card by Bobby Bonner, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Jeff Schneider.

IAM Ministries

In late 2007, RITM had the pleasure of interviewing Bobby Bonner. Bobby paid the interview the ultimate compliment by posting it on his biography page on his website in 2008.

"Bottom of the 33rd"

In April 2011, the 30th anniversary of the longest game in professional baseball history, Harper Collins Publishers released "Bottom of the 33rd: Hope, Redemption, and Baseball's Longest Game", written by Dan Barry. Dan acknowledged the site in the "Sources, Thank-Yous and Cracker Jack" section of the book. A very special thank you to Dan for honoring the site with inclusion in his book. For more information about the book, please visit

Sports Collectors Daily

In 2013, RITM had the wonderful pleasure of having an article posted on Sports Collectors Daily. Special thanks to Rich Mueller for the opportunity. To read the full article, please visit