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February 2010: Interview with Cal Ripken, Jr.

On February 1, 2010, RITM had the honor of being able to correspond with Cal in regards to his first professional trading card. The session was part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Cal's 1980 WBTV and Police cards. A special thank you to John Maroon at Maroon PR for making the session possible. RITM thanks Cal Ripken, Jr., for taking the time to share his recollections with the site for the second time. 

RITM: The 1980 WBTV Charlotte O's set was given out on May 30, 1980, at Crockett Park. What were your thoughts when you saw your picture on your first card for the first time?

Cal Ripken, Jr.: I remember that it was a thrill. I am guessing that the moment of your first trading card is a great feeling for any ballplayer and I certainly fell into that category. I guess it gave me the feeling that I was a professional athlete for the first time.

Do you recall how many copies you saved and what you did with them?

Cal Ripken, Jr.: I don't but anyone who knows me knows that I am a real pack rat. I bet I have some copies somewhere here in the house that I don't even know about.

RITM: Were you disappointed that your name was spelled "RIPKIN" on the back?

Cal Ripken, Jr.: I am sure that I was at the time but looking back it doesn't bother me in the least. I think that probably about half of the letters and emails I receive have my last name misspelled still today. I don't take that kind of thing personally but it always makes me chuckle.